long, frustrating but beautiful day

So today I had a wedding at 1:30 p.m. up in Sherman. The weather was to be iffy, so the bride and I decided to make contact this morning. I talked to her at 7:20 a.m. – both of us heard that the rain was to stop by 11 a.m.

Knowing that Sherman was quite a distance from home, I left for Town Hall/Sherman Playhouse at 12:30 p.m. Once I arrived, I met the groom’s family. It was hot, sticky, with a touch of sunshine and many clouds almost feeling ready to burst with the heavy moisture hanging in the air. The women were dressed for the ceremony and the party to follow, in gorgeous dresses, heels and the men in suits and ties. The groom introduced himself and we discussed the location for the ceremony.

Our first choice had a beautiful leafy background but my concern was the women’s heels sinking into the grass.  The groom and I then shuffled the group of more than 20 people over to the playhouse, thinking the dry surface would be the perfect spot. The family took pictures of the four brothers, one sister with mom and dad. We then realized people were arriving to attend a show.

I spoke with the next arrival to the show. She was there to see her granddaughter perform at 2 p.m. She excitedly explained that her 17 year old granddaughter was in the show and she was the designated supporter because the girl’s parents were in Italy. She added that her granddaughter was learning to drive and was using her car. Hmmmm, too much information.

Moving back to Town Hall, we added pumpkins to the benches, created a walkway for the bride and waited, and waited and waited. I spoke with the family, the mother of the bride provided a bit of family history and well as the fact that the groom’s brother was getting married in February. I’m sure my eyes lit up with interest and that light was quickly distinguished when she added in New Zealand.  She then went on to say that she was a construction teacher at a local high school as well as an architect. She has to take a short leave from school because she does not have the time coming.

We then talked about the importance of family. She explained that her family was always early, and she is learning that this trait is not important to everyone, including her soon to be daughter-in-law, who at this point was no where in the area.

The bride finally showed at 2:10, I’m assuming a version of fashionably late, with her family in tow. The groom was asked to turn in order to not see his bride until she walked to where we were standing – and she just stood there. We were now waiting for her brother who was lost – on his way to the wedding.

And we waited some more. I told the groom we have to begin, I cannot just stand here all afternoon. Just as he was going to agree, we were informed the brother had arrived. We again waited as he parked the car and walked over to join us.

We began with the the love and commitment introduction, and the drone buzzed overhead. I know that they had people waiting at the reception, location about 10 minutes away.  I finally had him kiss his bride and sent them on their way. bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I left the house early afternoon, at 12:30 and arrived back home at 3:30. Didn’t have to cook, I had a large meal planned, it had to be in the oven by 2 p.m. Take out!



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