August Weddings

August 19th was a very busy day. The forecast was for rain and I had 2 outdoor weddings scheduled.

I met with Veronica and Daniel the week before to discuss the ceremony. They were getting married at the Bethel municipal gazebo at 10 a.m. with 40 of their close friends and family. If Town Hall was open, they would have access to chairs but since it was a Saturday morning, they planned on decorating the gazebo, renting chairs, bringing music and flowers,

I arrived early and met the photographer, Alexandra from Ridgefield from Ridgefield and the videographer, a young man named Jake and his dad, George.

The gazebo was nicely decorated with sheer curtains and baby’s breath.  I spoke with Daniel and we waited for the bride to arrive.  The morning was perfect, a butterfly hovered and when Veronica arrived, the entrance was perfectly orchestrated, with a ring bearer, a flower girl and many attendants.

I began the ceremony as planned and when Veronica was to say her “I do” after reading her vows, the music began and she sang, “Two words” beautifully. A first for me, a surprise for Daniel and a huge success for the newlyweds. The wedding was streamed to the Phillipines for the mom to see, and a large wedding and reception is planned for three years from now, when everyone can be together. <3

When I got home, I placed a call to Go Daddy because the Association for Richter Arts website was gone since July 1. The Danbury Library no longer maintained and the site went down in flames and no smoke. We did not even know it was gone until I looked for some information.

Two hours later I had a semblance of a web site in place and published before I left for the second wedding of the day at 5 p.m., check out – YAAY!

Candlewood Inn is a gorgeous wedding venue. The picture included was from the Candlewood Inn site and was taken by J. Castro.

Alice and David met with me at Starbucks in May to discuss the ceremony, repeat after me vows and a wine box ceremony were the decisions of the moment.

I re-sent the draft with updates and promised them a beautiful day. By 6 p.m., my arrival time, the day was still absolutely perfect. Boats out on the water, blue skies and fluffy clouds with no sign of rain anywhere.

The wedding started on time, the wine box was set on the table in the gazebo and the mike worked. Another very satisfied couple and new friends <3

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